Thursday , February 22 2024

In Response To Mass Shootings, Tulare County Sheriff Says CCW Holders Could Help

A Central Valley Sheriff is encouraging carriers of concealed weapons to use their guns in the event of an active shooter or other threat. It started when Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreax decided he was tired of hearing about active shooters taking innocent lives. “They’re going into situations where the playing field is not an even game by any means, and that we have people that are having to run for their lives based on someone coming in, overpowering them with a gun,” says Boudreaux. Carrier of Concealed Weapons, or CCW license holders, can protect communities against such threats, he says. He even tweeted his comments last week to mixed reactions. One tweet asked, what happens if a quote “good guy with a gun” is misidentified by law enforcement? “For those who take the CCW class, they know and are taught how to respond when law enforcement gets there,” says Boudreaux. “They’re to immediately lay the gun down.” Some experts say it’s unlikely a CCW holder would be in a position to

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