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Peaceful Protests Held in Fresno After Ferguson Verdict

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Tensions are high across the country&nbsp; following the grand jury’s verdict not to charge a Ferguson, Missouri police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager.<br /><br />&nbsp;People have been reacting to the news across the Valley, but so far things have remained calm.&nbsp; Some community leaders believe that’s a testament to the relationships that are being built between community members and police in Fresno.<br /><br /> Almost immediately after the verdict was read a wave of fury crashed down and violent protests played out on the streets of Ferguson. That same anger and frustration is being felt at Fresno State, but students there are taking a more peaceful approach.<br /><br /> Fresno State student Aliyah Green says, &quot;We don’t want to come out and offend anyone or anything like that,&nbsp; but we want people to understand that as people, we are not happy.&quot;<br /><br /> For the group of students, the events in Ferguson are tragic; they say a reminder that inequality still exists.<br /><br /> Green says, &quot;It’s like we’re kind of devalued as people and it’s just not fair.&quot;<br /><br /> Cesar Rodriguez with Fresno’s Boys and Men of Color says, &quot; These issues aren’t new to anybody or any community.&quot;<br /><br /> But Rodriguez says what is different to the Fresno community is the way these issues are handled.&nbsp; He says there’s a reason why things have remained calm and peaceful here.<br /><br /> &quot; It’s a lot of conversations with the young men that are honest and real and that really give us insight into how they think about police and how they think about the city, &quot; says Rodriguez.<br /><br /> Rodriguez says the organization works to bridge the gap between young men of color and law enforcement; building trust in hopes of preventing tragedies.<br /><br /> &quot; What we really want to do is prevent that anger from coming here to Fresno and to make sure that that frustration turns into something great,&quot; says Rodriguez. </div>

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