Friday , June 21 2024

President to Take Executive Action on Immigration

President Obama’s decision to use executive action on immigration reform has sparked debate on all sides of the issue.

“Both sides end up over selling. The left is saying wow it’s about time it’s great he is doing something and the right is saying Armageddon is here,” Political Analyst Larry Powell said.

The executive action is expected to offer work permits and temporarily block the deportation of up to five million people here in the US illegally. There are still many questions surrounding the specifics of the plan.

“This is not amnesty. And also it is not a permit for residency or not a path to citizenship,” Myrna Martinez with the Pan Valley Institute said.

Martinez works with a group that supports immigrant rights in the Central Valley. She supports the President but is concerned it doesn’t give any of the people who qualify access to social services.

“That’s one of the problems that we see in the people that we work with, working in the fields they face a lot of health issues,” Martinez said.

Manuel Cunha with the Nisei Farmers League in Fresno says he has been invited to meet with the Vice President in Washington on Friday on the issue. He has concerns of his own.

“There needs to be protection to make sure these people aren’t abused by the wrong types of consultants or bad attorneys,” Cunha said.

While some feel the executive order doesn’t do enough. Republicans believe the President is overstepping his authority.

“The fact that President Obama is pushing it the way he is pushing it after saying he wouldn’t push it has created a reverse on the part of the Republicans to say we are going to fight it as well. Both are way outside the bounds,” Powell said.

This push may make it difficult for both parties to work together on the issue.

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