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Sick Child Donation Scam

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<br />On Friday, 3-6, officers were notified by citizens of four individuals panhandling at Palm/ Bullard Ave. asking for donations for a sick child. The citizens felt the individuals asking for the money where not being honest regarding the sick child. Officers arrived and two of the individuals quickly left as officers arrived. A male and female where contacted, the male was on felony probation and a gang member. The signs the two were holding was asking for money for travel to U.C.S.F. for their daughter battling a heart conditions. Officers called Valley Children’s Hospital to confirm the two individuals story and were told by staff that there was no child in the hospital by the name given to the officers.<br />Upon further questioning both of the individuals admitted there was no sick child and the picture of the baby on the sign was that of a family members child. They told officers they had an overdue PG&amp;E bill of over $1,600 and had made up the scam about the sick child to get money to pay their PG&amp;E bill.<br />The Fresno Police Department would ask the public to be cautious when they are being solicited for money either in the public by panhandlers, at your home, by telephone, the internet or by mail. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of the person or organization soliciting you for money, asking some questions that you may be able to follow up on to confirm if they are litigate may be helpful.<br />You can also go to the California Attorney General website to find out if a charity is legitimate at: or report suspicious activity to the Fresno Police Department at 621-7000.<br /></div>

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