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Homeowners Near Yosemite Are Struggling To Stay Insured

With fires burning across California devastating entire communities, homeowners are beginning to file claims with their insurance companies. But in the mountains of eastern Madera County, many homeowners say they’re losing their insurance during a time when they could need it most. Frank Ealand lives in an area near Coarsegold …

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Can Homeowners Shoot Intruders?

Fresno Police detectives are still investigating what they’re calling a home invasion shooting that resulted in a death. The resident said he shot the victim because he walked into his home, sat on the couch and began talking crazy Police detectives are still investigating the shooting but the Assistant District …

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Homeowners Asked to Prepare for Wildfire Season

A spike in wildfires in California. A 75 percent increase so far this year. That announcement from the governor today as he proclaimed this week wildfire awareness week in California. Fire fighters in Fresno County fought a string of wildfires Monday. And had to ask for help from neighboring cities. …

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Drought: Homeowners Building Pools Ahead of Potential Ban

Homeowners are deciding to build pools now before any potential bans are put in place on construction. Some communities across the state have already passed water restrictions for swimming pools. The Town of Coalinga established a ban on new pool construction at one point and there’s also a ban in Montecito near Santa Barbara. Family …

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