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Woman’s assault at taco truck caught on camera

A woman waiting for her order alongside a taco truck on Hwy 59 near Merced is shown being attacked by a would-be purse snatcher. The Merced County Sheriff’s Department seeks your help in identifying the assailant. The assault took place March 28. … Click to Continue »

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Local Woman’s Search for a Living Donor

Louanne Kruse is extremely close to her own family, but her life likely depends on the kindness of a stranger.  The 58-year-old grandmother has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, and auto immune disorder that is destroying her liver.  Over the years the disease has taken a visable toll on her health, and it …

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Woman’s body found in car on side of the road

We’re following a developing story this afternoon, Fresno County Sheriff’s Detectives are investigating a suspicious death after a woman’s body was found in a car. Officials say they found the vehicle, parked along the side of Tollhouse Road around 7 this morning. Homicide investigators remain on scene. The incident caused …

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