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Tenaya Fire (Wildfire)

The Tenaya Fire is within designated Wilderness of Yosemite National Park. This wildfire began on the afternoon of September 7, 2015, and is being suppressed. The fire is very visible from all locations within the park. The fire is estimated to have burned 300 acres by the evening of September 8, 2015. The fire is located along both sides of the Lehamite Creek Trail from the north rim of the Valley to the Tioga Road. A solid anchor point has been established by hand crews at the “heel” and near the origin of the fire to begin flanking the fire. Air Tankers continue to drop retardant to close open flank lines. Yosemite fire crews are being augmented by 5 Type1 hand crews, 5 air tankers, including the VLAT – Very Large Air Tanker, 1 Type and 2 Type 2 Helicopters, three Type 3 engine crews and fire management overhead. Additional resources have been ordered. There are 228 personnel assigned. The weather remains hot, and this condition will until the weekend when…

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