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Tree-T-Pee Could Provide Drought Relief To Farmers

A new drought relief product has come to the Central Valley. It’s called Tree-T-Pee.

It’s a simple product with a simple idea.

"Tree-T-Pee will go around the top and hold in all the moisture that the micro jets put out," Tree-T-Pee Sales Representative, Brandon Edmundson said.

But it has impressive results.

"Typically using about 25,000 gallons of water a year per tree, and with the Tree-T-Pee, we’ve knocked that down to about 800 gallons of water a year," Edmundson said.

It cuts fertilizer 75 percent and increases growth by 30 percent.

Tree-T-Pee is a product that’s been around for years, but it was only made to distribute a little over a year ago when the founder, Johnny Georges, partnered with an investor through a show called Shark Tank.

"We went from 5 counties in Florida to 47 countries worldwide," Georges said.

Now, it’s coming to the Central Valley.

"It’s not the cure all, but it could sure help ya’ll," Georges said.

The product only works on micro jet or drip irrigation systems and is best on young trees. The sprinkler sits inside the Tree-T-Pee, but instead of watering several feet around the tree, all water is contained inside the Tree-T-Pee and stays there.

"It’s pulling the moisture and holding it there instead of letting it evaporate in the air," Edmundson said.

The product is new to California. Not many farmers have had a chance to test it. But Florida citrus farmers swear by it.

"You can irrigate this grow for at least one hour minimum time, and you can shut your pump off, that’s plenty of moisture inside that t-pee," Florida farmer Ed Norris said.

"This works, and every farmer that has touched it will tell you that," Georges said.

"Why wouldn’t you save the water if you could?" Edmundson said.

For more information on the where you can find Tree-T-Pee and how much it costs, visit http://treetpee.com.

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