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Two Students Suspended for Tampering with Grades

Just weeks before graduation, two seniors at Minarets Charter High School have been suspended.

They’re accused of tampering with grades.

Their own grades and those of their friends.

The district would not say how many students had their grades changed. But parents tell us it involves ten to 18 students.

Facing the most serious charges, are two seniors who reportedly used a teacher’s ID to log into the grade book program.

As Minarets High School and Charter High School prepare for graduation next week, two seniors won’t be taking part.

They’re suspended. And not allowed to walk at graduation.

The two reportedly used a teachers ID and password to tamper with grades in the schools computer system.

"Each time a grade was tampered with there was a time stamp an IP address and ID of the user who changed it. Each grade that was tampered with was the user name that had been taken from the teacher," said Minarets principal Daniel Ching.

Ching wouldn’t say how many grades were tampered with. Gut said the teacher noticed the changes and alerted administrators. The school also alerted the Madera Sheriff’s Department which will investigate.

"In terms of charges it would probably be some type of misdemeanor charges and it would certainly go through the juvenile court process," Madera Sheriff Jay Varney said.

The students who allegedly tampered with the grades attended Minarets Charter High School. It attracts students from both Madera County and the Fresno area.

"It’s got a good reputation from all i’ve heard. i’ve never heard bad things about it. i have a granddaughter who goes here and she loves it," said Misty Yeterian, grandmother of a student.

The principal says students at both the charter school and Minarets High had their grades changed.
Each student had varying degrees of involvement and the district will take each students history into account in determining punishment.

"But the bottom line is our students need to be able to recover from this, to face the consequences, and be held accountable," Ching said.

The students will be allowed to complete the credits needed to get their diplomas.

But the two seniors who changed the grades will not be allowed to participate in the school events for graduation.

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