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Youth Voter Turnout Is Low, But These Central Valley College Students Want That To Change

S ummers for college students usually mean part time jobs or summer school. But this year, one group of students have dedicated their time to civic engagement. While some of them are new voters themselves, they’re hoping to get other young adults to make voting a priority. This summer, 25 students from University of California, Santa Cruz and University of California, Merced have returned to where they grew up in the Central Valley to try to increase voter turnout among young adults. It’s all part of the Central Valley Freedom Summer project . Veronica Terriquez launched the project this year. As a sociology professor at UC Santa Cruz, Terriquez started this because of a trend she noted among students from the Central Valley. “As a professor, I see that a lot of students from the Central Valley don’t go back,” Terriquez says. “So there’s brain drain.” She says that not only were students choosing to settle down away from the Valley, but the young adults who stayed weren’t very engaged

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